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22.9.2018, 0:01


Font refreshing
18.9.2018, 11:16

Hey, hey!
I changed my computer and the font I was using is not there anymore.  Turns out it was a part of Office Suite 2007. I don't remember where my installation CD is so I just found a very similar font. It's really close to the old one but I decided to refresh the text on all pages. I'm fixing some text issues as well while I'm at it. When I'm done with text refreshing, I will upload all the refreshed pages at once. If you notice any issues, feel free to tell me about them.


Twitter Update
28.8.2018, 21:43


New articles
23.7.2018, 23:10

I've just finished adding new content to the website!
There are two new articles and three new icons in the world category. Feel free to check it out!


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