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Hello everybody!

28.06.2015 was the day when I uploaded the very first page of Hellcephira.
To celebrate the second birthday of the comic I've decided to open an art giveaway! 


You can win one of two portrait/half body commissions done in style of the comic. What could it be?
You can pick one of your original characters, yourself or even your friend*!


The giveaway starts 28.06 and ends 28.07.


The giveaway is split in two sections: Twitter giveaway and website giveaway.
You can enter both at the same time. If you wish to enter both, make sure you use the same name on the website and on Twitter.  
If you comment under a different name, please at least include your Twitter name on the bottom of your comment.

To enter Twitter giveaway: Like and retweet the birthday post answering the birthday question.**

To enter website giveaway:  Comment under this article answering the birthday question.  **

You can apply for both but you can win only once. 

** Including the answer increases your chances of winning (See rules)


Okay, what is the birthday question?

Since the current chapter is more or less about The Great Council of Kreyilon... 

"Which councilor has the best special power and why?" 

New to the comic? Here's everything you should know about them:


Xivaillon: The one who hears everything. His power makes him hear things from a very very big distance. He is basically the ears of the council.

Mennarath: The knowledge seeker. He is the master of knowledge. He knows the ways to gather informations he needs... even if it requires him to read thoughts...

Anshrilda: The seer. This special lizard lady can see the future, the past and the present with use of her weird looking eyes.  
The black eye sees the past, the white sees the future. Using them both at the same time makes her see the present.
Could you believe her greatest talent is also her greatest threat?

Rallosameer: The dream wanderer. He is the ruler of the land of dreams. He uses special incenses to reach the state of deep dreaming and travel to his secial dimension.
He makes sure the balance there is preserved and we can sleep calmly.

Zethareshmi: The master of minds. She is the one who can read or manipulate other people's minds.
Her thought reading is far superior to the one Mennarath has. She can even make you forget or remember certain things... or at least this is what usually she is capable of doing.

RomisellarThe master of instincts. He can enhance your instinct. His powers can feel you with strength, courage and other things allowing you to overcome the obstacles.
As the leader of the council, he always makes sure morale of his team is high to enhance their special abilities.


Pages where they appeared: RomisellarZethareshmiMennarath, Xivaillon, Rallosameer, Anshrilda




1. You can enter twice: on the website and on Twitter. No double entrances on Twitter or website allowed.

2. You can only win one commission.

3. You don't have to follow me on Twitter/Comicfury however if your submission contains the answer to the birthday question,you will get one bonus chance of winning. ( This way you can get one entry for retweeting, one entry for commenting under this article and one for including an answer).

4. Following me won't grant you any bonus chances of winning but it's nice if you do so.

5. If you go for both slots remember to write the same answers and make sure to use the same name
(If you can't comment with the same login just write it down on the bottom of your submission).


*Your friend has to agree to be drawn.


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