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  1. Widgetpack comments support gravatar in guest commenting mode. All you have to do is to put the email address associated with your gravatar.
    Comicfury comments do not support gravatars.
  2. You can use your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr to post comments if you don't like using guest mode.

Rules of posting

  1. Do not post any hateful, sexual, illegal or generally unacceptable content.
  2. Do not spam or post advertisement links.
    Noone wants to see this kind of comments and you will probably get your messages deleted.
  3. Try not to swear too much. A bit of swearing is okay, but being too vulgar makes you look bad.
  4. The author won't respond to every single comment on the website and it's not because she hates you.
    Do not get disheartened if your comment wasn't answered, it was probably hard to find anything meaningful to respond with.
    The author appreciates every comment received.
  5. Before asking a question, try to check if it's already posted in FAQ.
  6. It's okay to forget a character's name, especially since this comic has so many of them.
    For your convenience there is a small list of characters under each page. Use it.


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