The 4th birthday of Hellcephira is getting closer with every second passing! In order to celebrate, we will bake a cake! Yes, WE! (Before you freak out, no, you don't have to know how to bake in real life)
I won't keep you waiting any longer, please, enter the kitchen!

What's baking?

This year I decided to come up with an activity that will both let you participate and earn some rewards! This year we will bake a cake... Once we find the ingredients that is.
You see, some -I won't say what- scattered our ingredients all over the place and now you got to find them. Luckily he left some hints for you!
Everything is on the list:

Every place listed above is a link accessible from this website. 

I have found them all, now what?


And now you can get your reward! Simply write all the locations down HERE , or drop me an e-mail at *mail*
The reward is one 1000x1000px character portrait of your choice! Everyone who manages to find them all gets one! You can see some samples HERE. Don't forget to include a link to some reference!
You may use the rewards for whatever you like, as long as it's non-commercial. 

The deadline?

The event is active from 15.06 till 28.06, so hurry up if you want your free portrait!

But what about the cake?

Community cake:


1. One entry per person.
Originally you were supposed to enter an art raffle. I changed it to granted loot, don't exploit it.
2. Don't submit anything if you don't find all ingredients. If you can't find something, just write a comment, I will make hints esier by the end of the event if I see that there are people struggling.
3. If you decide to help each other, keep it private. Post somewhere where I won't see it.
4. The reward is ONE portrait of a CHARACTER, not an object.



I still have 1 more picture to draw, please be patient.



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