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posted by Ypsilenna @ 5.8.2016, 12:24

Hi there.
There are two things that I would like to say:
First one is that I'm currently working on new pages for this comic. Second thing is that I'm also preparing a second comic.
As I have some problems with monotonic work on one project I'm going to switch between these two.
Second comic is going to be called Working Around and it's going to tell a story of an elven guy that has problems with workophobia what pushes him into...
adventures of some sort.
The main character is a bard with an angel voice, golden heart and ridiculously big anti talent for working.
You can see the page for that comic here: WORKING AROUND

Enough about my comics, there is one more thing worth mentioning, by the time that I was not really active here I made an art blog so that I can upload my art about everything there.
In case if I was forced to take a break or stopped posting for whatever reason (I had several reasons not to post so far) just check my blog to see if I'm active. Feel free to drop a message for me.

Stay tuned and have fun!


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