Commenter badges
posted by Ypsilenna @ 27.8.2016, 10:15

Hello again!

This time it's about the website as well. I had an idea about small non-standard feature  several days ago and today I finished working on it.
The new feature is commenter badges (Click here for more info). Registered Comicfury members can be rewarded with tiny commenter badges for website activity.
There is one for being an active commenter, submitting a fanart, winning a prize in a contest and... First! badge that is going to be rewarded to the very first person
who comments under any page of the comic! This can be only claimed once so check news if it's still available.

Sometimes you will be able to get an exclusive time limited badge also!
If you don't have a Comicfury account, feel free to make one. It's free, lets you set an avatar and edit your comments.

Have fun, friends :)


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