New years tidying
posted by Ypsilenna @ 5.1.2017, 9:51

Hello guys!
I've been trying to do some tidying in my comic. Long story short,
Hellcephira is getting a new official update schedule.
From the next week on, the comic is going to be updated once per week on Wednesday.
If there is going to be a chapter cover uploaded then it's not going to be counted as a comic
page and a new comic piece is going to be added alongside of it. 
Previously I didn't have any schedule because I've been trying to find a nice day to upload new comic page on.
It didn't really work like that because if I don't have a date I mostly get distracted by everything else I have to
do/ having some health issues maybe and I wake up not updating for three months (which as you can guess
makes me feel pretty bad). In order to avoid missing a deadline, I'm going to draw pages in advance and just
set them to upload itself here on Wednesday. 

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