Prologue chat
posted by Ypsilenna @ 30.11.2017, 16:09

Hello, dear friends!
There are some things I would like to talk over. Yesterday I started to think about the prologue and there are some changes I would like to make. Of course I could just do them, but I want you to tell me what you personally would prefer.  Okay, so let me start:
Some of you might know that this current comic is one of many reboots and it's the only successful version. I started this comic way too early and I went through many hardships trying to make it. The way the prologue looks now was more like a draft so that i can sketch the basic concept for you to know what is going on. The thing is, the second chapter is about to end very soon and it opens the plot called "The tale of Parent Time" where the backstory of their world is going to be shown. It's a secondary plot that does connect with the primary plot but it has lower priority and will be used as an intermission between parts of the main story (to connect with it by the end of the comic).
Since the backstory is going to be displayed better in the secondary plot, the prologue becomes obsolete. It was already optional, but now I'm considering dropping it. I was thinking of putting a small text guide for newcomers somewhere instead of it. Of course I won't delete it forever, it will still be accessible is a separate place containing deleted scenes (I considered making a new website for it but i may as well just make a gallery for it).
The prologue matches the actual comic way less than I thought it will. The art sticks out, breaking the fourth wall might have not been a good choice and generally it feels a bit off to me. I know some people who actually liked that part of the comic, but i also know that some people may find it mismatched and unnecessary so feel free to suggest which way to go.


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