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Hello guys,
Yesterday I hosted a test livestream and since my testers said that it was all good I'm going to open livestreams more often.
For that reason you can see livestream online indicator on my website now.
I'm going to stream pages as I draw them so if you want to watch it just pay attention to the livestream button, maybe you will get lucky.
Comic is not the only thing that is going to be streamed, I will also draw my regular art or the other webcomic.
Sometimes I will also host a user suggested stream where I'm going to make quick sketches of things that watchers would like to see.

Sister comic
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Hi there.
There are two things that I would like to say:
First one is that I'm currently working on new pages for this comic. Second thing is that I'm also preparing a second comic.
As I have some problems with monotonic work on one project I'm going to switch between these two.
Second comic is going to be called Working Around and it's going to tell a story of an elven guy that has problems with workophobia what pushes him into...
adventures of some sort.
The main character is a bard with an angel voice, golden heart and ridiculously big anti talent for working.
You can see the page for that comic here: WORKING AROUND

Enough about my comics, there is one more thing worth mentioning, by the time that I was not really active here I made an art blog so that I can upload my art about everything there.
In case if I was forced to take a break or stopped posting for whatever reason (I had several reasons not to post so far) just check my blog to see if I'm active. Feel free to drop a message for me.

Stay tuned and have fun!

Filling up the website
posted by Ypsilenna @ 10.4.2016, 14:00

I'm sorry for long inactivity. Currently I'm filling up the pages that were left in progress.
You can already see the finished Author page. Soon there is going to be even more content released!
The other thing I would like to say about is that I'm still up to do the banner exchange for cross-promoting comics! You can see the details here: Link.

Night scenes adjustments
posted by Ypsilenna @ 24.9.2015, 14:42

Hey all! As you may see, the current part of this episode happens during a night.
I'm not used to drawing night scenes as I rarely did it in the past so I wanted to ask you for a help with color adjustments.
If something is too dark/too bright or whatever weird happens with the colors - let me know.
You can eighter mail me (You can find the email address here) or post a comment under weirdly looking page.
Please, keep in mind your display settings though.
If something looks really dark or bright you may consider viewing it on an another device first. All help will be appreciated!

Official artworks gallery
posted by Ypsilenna @ 25.7.2015, 17:55

I've just created an official artworks gallery. It's accessible though Extras/Official artworks or HERE.
There are just to pictures so far but I'll add more later. Several more things will be added later so prepare for features spam.

Alive again
posted by Ypsilenna @ 24.7.2015, 19:21

Hello dudes and dudettes!
I'm slowly starting to being active again (hopefully it will stay this way).
I'm putting some drawings on my deviantart profile already and I'm planning to make even more. You can check it out here CLICK ME.
Do you guys have your own deviantart/tumbrl profiles? Feel free to link 'em :)

Changes and stuff
posted by Ypsilenna @ 28.6.2015, 14:39

We're officially moving to Comicfury's hosting. That's not the only change though. I decided that I'll revamp this comic. Why? Here's my previous post I put on my new tapastic webcomic page:
"After a long time of thinking I decided to re-make this comic once again. I liked previous version a lot... at the beginning. I don't like it that much anymore, it feels like it's getting worse and worse with every new page. The first episode of comic's current version is as I said a prologue. I wanted to draw it as a story told by one of my characters but this part is killing me. For two days I was about to stop this project but then I had an idea. After getting inspired by one of my fav webcomics I designed a cartoonish style I really like. I kept it for another several days and now I'm sure. It's now offcial - this webcomic is going to be revamped. The story will stay as it was supposed to be, I'll just skip the beginning a little (I'll draw a short episode featuring Riamidea where she will explain it all so you can finally read the right story instead of not-so-good prologue).I hope you will enjoy this project." 


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