Hellcephira Wiki
posted by Ypsilenna @ 18.11.2017, 16:15

This month I made a dedicated wiki for this comic. Beware, there may be minor spoilers out there.

posted by Ypsilenna @ 8.11.2017, 13:21

The comic is officially updated again. You can read more in the description of the newest page.

Push notifications
posted by Ypsilenna @ 23.10.2017, 17:22

Hi all! Today I added push notifications to my website! I will use it to notify my readers about new pages and blog entries. I hope you will find this useful :D
If you find it too spammy or annoying you can always disable it through the icon visible in bottom right corner.

Alternatively you can use RSS feed as you always could (thought I can't include blog entries there due to ComicFury not using this option) for less popup-y notifications.

posted by Ypsilenna @ 22.10.2017, 11:06

The free Project Wonderful ad box I offered has been disabled by them due to low website performance during hiatus months. I won't re-enable it just yet. I might do so when I'm fully back and the website gets traffic again. 

[EDIT]: I did some tinkering around the website and it seems it's already 100% completed. Feel free to contact me in case if you find any issues or simply want to suggest something!

New website layout
posted by Ypsilenna @ 15.10.2017, 17:20

The new website layout is almost ready (98% kind of ready).
I just need to do some small tweaks but more or less it's what I wanted to achieve. I'm planning to start updating the comic again around halloween, stay tuned :)

posted by Ypsilenna @ 15.9.2017, 17:12

Hi everyone.
I'm gradually starting to feel better. I think I might start coding the revamped site layout before I continue to progress with the story though.
I've just been inspired by the chat I had with my friends and the new website layout is going to be something like a mixture of MMO website and probably a space atlas (I still have to think about that).
I got excited about crafting a new template, I can't wait to write so many things about the comic, character classes and the world. 
Feel free to leave suggestions below!

posted by Ypsilenna @ 10.8.2017, 0:01

Guys, I'm turning the delay into a small hiatus. I need to get well.

Small delay
posted by Ypsilenna @ 2.8.2017, 19:28

Hi guys, the comic will be delayed a bit, I had some things to do and I'm still in the middle of finishing the page. I will upload it as soon as I can.


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