Chapter: 003 Page: 016
20.6.2018, 12:00



Riamidea Luciferimus


That moment when you think you planned everything from A to Z but you forget to hide the only thing that can destroy your plan. Feels bad man.

Being more serious now, you might have noticed that Luciferimus is a bit... how to put it... clueless? about what he is doing. This is caused by the fact that he is very young as for a person from Hellcephira. He really lacks on life experience. Being a prince is not helping him with that. He spent most of his childhood in the palace reading books and daydreaming. Considering that hellcephiran race has very long lifespan, the difference between him and the rest of his family is significant. At this point of his life he is considered a young adult. Which means he is old enough to drink alcohol and watch questionable content but he isn't as wise as older characters of the comic.

Another fact about him is that he is the kind of a character who would do everything to solve the problem... instead of trying to actually do the simplest possible option. That combined with his lack of experience makes him look like this. He is what I call a "masterplanner". He has no idea what he is doing and if it's actually going to work but he has a pure heart and he means no harm.

Since now I decided to talk a bit about the comic lore - two weeks ago my friend reviewed the newest page and told me his impressions. He said that the pen holder on Luciferimus' desk looks childish. In case if you also noticed that...

As I said, Luciferimus is very young as for a hellcephiran. He had his childhood relatively short time ago. He feels attached to his old things. He is not quite fully grown up yet. The pencil holder is one of three things of his childhood in this room.

As the story progresses you will see him becoming less and less like a boy and more like a grown up man. For now tho, he will remain like this.

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