Chapter: 003 Page: 017
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Riamidea Luciferimus


Obviously this is where you should start, silly boy.

This page is so unlucky. It looks a bit funny but i had to redraw the sketch several times, then do the lineart twice, then i had more problems with it. I'm so tired Q_Q

LORE TIME: Following the example of the previous page, this one also is going to have some lore talk underneath.
You might have noticed that the story goes particularly fast to the point where both of them know what's going on here. Well if you did, you guessed right. I waited till this point to tell you that this story is not the long-journey-to-get-the-girl type of a story.
Starting with the chapter one where you could see one of members of the great council (in other words admins of the universe if this is the first page you see )basically admitting that they had something to do with this situation (They had a lot to do with it but it was not like 100% sure they will fall in love).
What does it have to do with the things I am saying now? Not sure how much of a spoiler it is but this story is about two people who fell in a weird kind of love between their souls. Their goal is not to get together, their goal is to learn how to live with each other in their normal lives. They have to find out if they still love each other, that's the first thing. They have to get to know each other in their default world. Would they still feel the same here? Maybe. Will they still want to go on? Perhaps. They will have to learn to trust each other and co-operate well. Who knows? Maybe one day they will even do something that will change their kingdom? Only time (and Ypsilenna) will tell*.
tl;dr: Their romance is just the first arc of their story, not the goal of this comic.

*Joking, I won't tell you anything you spoiler hungry people lol


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