Chapter: 003 Page: 018
4.7.2018, 12:00



Riamidea Luciferimus


My old commenting script broke down and I installed Disqus instead. I didn't manage to import the old comments but I will try to do it some other day.

The things said in this journal were more or less covered in the new reader's guide, but if you somehow didn't read it - now you can get the missing info.

I did a research to see what is the most common writing/drawing style of children so that I can make a believable set of notes written in past comic years. You will see that every note will be written in slightly more mature handwriting.
This is the third item of Luciferimus' childhood.

In case you can't read the handwriting for whatever reason:
"I got this notebook as a gift for my guardianship ceremony.
I will take care of a girl. I don't know many, but my mom is a girl and she is nice so maybe this one is nice too?"


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