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Riamidea Luciferimus


This is the last of the journal pages, I swear!

Said Realm of Dusk is exactly the same place as you seen in the second chapter. They entered it through meditation but they ended up in a different district than the one where the Dream Wanderer lives.

The realm of Dusk is divided in three districts:
-District of Dreamers- The most stable and accessible of all three. This is where sleeping people go when they sleep. It's possible to enter this place through meditation.
-District of Dreams - Moderately stable. This is where the Dream Wanderer lives. He protects the entire realm from his place as it's the center of the realm. The dreamers are not allowed to enter this district. The only possible way of accessing this place is by falling asleep surrounded by smoke of the incense of dreams.
-District of Deception - The most unstable district. Not even the Dream Wanderer visits this place. This is the most distant and dark part of the Realm of Dusk. It's believed that nightmares come from this place. The more weird and pointless they are, the bigger influence this district has. The Dream Wanderer has to protect the borders all the time in order to keep the dreamers safe from its negative effects.

The Realm of Dusk is a source of many possible problems. The dreamers have no boundaries set by their physical mind. Whatever feelings you might have, they are going to be shown in their purest possible form while visiting this mystical world. Whether you feel hatred, jealousy, admiration or love, you won't be able to hold them back. This is why these two fell in love there even though it's stupid from logical point of view.

Can they keep their feelings after one of them died and was revived? Maybe yes, maybe no. When the Realm of Dusk stops affecting you, it's difficult to get back to the pure, open way of showing your feelings to other people. Some even find it impossible.
The Realm of Dusk is dangerous, the more unstable the district, the more problems you will have... There is a reason why Rallosameer the Dream Wanderer doesn't let anyone enter his district after all...

"Tonight we visited this strange realm like we do every night.
We sat by the soundless waterfall and I told her that I feel like we are not friends anymore. She agreed."
"-We are something more - she said.
We decided that our strange situation won't keep us away from being together."
"My poor girl died because my idiot brother - Lusstoni wanted to play a prank on me and he "accidentally" broke her soulstone.

Uncle Xivaillon visited me. He said that he wants to help. I've got a feeling that everything was arranged by the Council. It makes me angry but at least he showed me who to look for. "


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