This website features custom commentator badges for various activities.

Only registered ComicFury members are eligible to receive badges. Guest commentators are stuck with default "Guest" tag.

This is not automated, I'm going to reward users manually.


List of badges:


Commentator Badge - These users are active commentators. They leave many comments under older pages and they actively comment new ones.

Fanart Badge - These users made some fanart(s) that are visible in the fanart page.

Note: If you request to remove your drawing from there you will get your badge cancelled.

Lucky Badge - These users won a prize in a raffle/contest. Currently unavailable due to lack of contests.
First! Badge - First comment after the badges program implementation. Available ONLY once.

There might be more badges in future. Some of them are going to be obtainable only during some particular event so stay tuned! Every new badge is going to be announced on the main page.

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